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Director/ Producer Quotes

About Actor Steven Ciceron

Film Directors


"Steven is the prime example of a professional actor -- both on camera and off.  He really does whatever he can to provide production with both personality and professionalism.  I highly recommend him!  He’s an absolute delight to work with. " --Mischa Marcus, Producer/ Director/ Writer at Peerless Pictures, Award-Winning Director of "I AM Still Here"

"Steven embodies focus, work ethic, and energy on the set.  He takes direction like a pro and pours his heart and creativity into every role." -- Bobby Smith, Director/ Writer at Serendipity Productions, "The End of Fun", "Her Own Demons", "Vengeance Turns"

"Steven is one of the most dependable people I have had the pleasure of working with.  When he tells me he can and will do something, I know without a doubt that he can and will.  He is a talented actor and I trust his creativity.. …and, to boot, he is a nice person, and good human being.  It’s always a pleasure to cast him!" -- Wesley Alley,  Director/ Producer/ Writer of Wesley Alley Productions

"I've had the pleasure of working with Steven on a number of projects in various mediums.  I am so impressed with his preparedness, his passion, his willingness to take risks in order to really dig into a character.  He brings outs the depth in any character.  He is a joy to work with!" --  Stephanie Bell, Producer/ Casting Director at Bell Lipoma Productions and Remote Films

"Steven was a pleasure to work with in my film, ‘By Any Means’. There were busy and hectic days on the set and Steven delivered on every take, which was a fantastic.  He brought his character to the next level! Thanks Steven!" --  Brooke Williams, Producer/ Director/ Actress of Triventure Films

"Steven is an absolute breath of fresh air.  It is always a joy to work with him.  He comes to the set prepared, knowing his lines, and is extremely professional.  He takes the time to fully investigate his character and has a complete understanding on how to approach the delivery.  Steven is ready for any challenge and can confidently transition from one character to the next with completely different executions.  He’s a star!”  -- Gina Carey, Writer/ Producer/ Director of Gina Carey Films

"I had the pleasure of working with Steven in one of my feature films.  He is a very convincing and serious actor, and I would highly recommend him as an incredibly dedicated actor.”  -- Gina Goff, Producer/ Casting Director of Goff Productions

Theater Directors


"Steven  is  a  passionate,  inventive,  and  creative  performer  who  never  ceases  to  amaze  me."   -- Jim  Strait, Artistic  Director of  Desert  Rose  Playhouse

͞"It  is  always  a  better  cast  when  Steven  is  in  it.    His  enthusiasm  and  creativity  are  contagious.    He  is  a  joy  to  work  with." -- Mark  Morgan, Artistic  Director of Moorestown  Theater  Company


"Steven  is  a  delight  to  work  with  and  he  is  always  focused  and  breathes  life  into  any  character.    He  gives  110%  for  his  art." -- Scott  C.  Angehr, Director of Burlington  Footlighters


"Steve  is  able  to  take  a  script  and  run  with  it  -- brainstorm  new  ideas  and  try  new  things.    He  is  always  ready  to  work,  well-prepared,  and  has  a  professional  demeanor  to  him.    Steven  is  the  type  of  Actor  that  Directors  adore!" -- Connor  Twigg, Director, Bristol  Riverside  Theater


"Steven  is  a  professional  to  the  max.    It  is  such  a  privilege  to  work  with  him." -- Se  Layne, Artistic  Director of  Palm  Canyon  Theater

"Steven  is  one  of  the  most  dedicated  and  creative  actors  I've  ever  had  the  privilege  to  work  with." -- Shafik  Wahhab,  Director of Palm Canyon Theater

"Steven  is  a  dream-come-true  consummate  professional.    He  knows  what  to  do  instinctively  and  his  winning  smile  is  loved  by  all.    I  would  be  happy  to  cast  him  any  day!" -- Amanda  Burr  Bridge  Players 

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