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The Happy Hooligans Film Series

Steven Ciceron stars (and serves as a Producer) in the wildly popular, must-see comedy film series, "The Happy Hooligans", superbly portraying the good-natured, but usually flustered, "Mr. Fitzgerald" -- a role written specifically for him.  Along with series creator, Brother Andy as "The Professor", the unique black-and-white/silent (with title cards) and full color/sound films pay homage to the early film comedy teams such as Laurel and Hardy, The Keystone Cops, and Abbott and Costello.

Titles from the hysterical sixteen short film library include:  "The Happiest Of Hooligans", "Two Boobs And A Baby", "Those Dashing Diners: From Soup To Nuts", "Playing Doctor", "The VooDoo You Do", "Thanks A Lot", "The Happy Hooligans Meet The Spooks", "The Hooligan Hammerheads", "Cock-A-Doodle Don't", "The Dancing Dolts", "The Movie Madcaps", "Two Fools And A Funeral", "The Size Of Golf Balls", "A Date With Disaster", and "A Happy Hooligan Holiday".

A feature-length film ("Hurray For Hooligans") is currently in development with the independent multimedia production company, Intriguism Moving Pictures, in association with Entar Entertainment.

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