A Born Entertainer


The talented Steven Ciceron grew up with a “not-so-secret” secret.  He wanted to be an actor -- an actor of merit, an actor of insight and inspiration, an "actor’s actor".


While diligently performing in dozens of theater productions at Wagner College in New York City, Steven Ciceron decided nonetheless to pursue a graduate degree in Counseling Psychology at the University of Virginia, and thus began his career as a respected Psychologist. 


As time went by, Ciceron wasn’t aware at the moment, the educational foundation and practical experiences with clients were valuable insights into the “human condition”, used as building blocks in preparing him for the day when he could pursue his true passion of being a professional actor and in the challenges of working with “creative personalities”. 


With deep dedication, perseverance, hard work, drive, and sheer will, Mr. Ciceron has been cast in diverse roles in film, television, and stage productions as Doctor, Judge, Attorney, Policeman, Dad, Husband, Historic Figure and…Psychopathic Villain.


Ciceron is a winner of three CV Indie Film Awards for “Best Actor In An Independent Film”. He has worked with the likes of Sylvester Stallone, Phylicia Rashad, Tom Selleck, Brooke Williams, William Shatner, Fran Drescher, and Michael B. Jordan.  Ciceron is bi-coastal and enjoys working on both the East and West Coasts.


Television Time


Television appearances include “The Americans”, “Orange Is The New Black”, “Vinyl”, "Blue Bloods", “The Great Experiment”, “The Haunting”, and HGTV. Ciceron has also appeared in television commercials: Doritos, Macaroni Grill, Miller High Life, Colonial Williamsburg, and Disneyland.  


Theater: Front And Center


Some of Ciceron's  theater credits include “Amadeus”, “Jekyll & Hyde”, “An Enemy of the People”, “Anything Goes”,  "The Drowsy Chaperone", and “42nd Street”.


Motion Pictures: Moving Ahead


Ciceron was seen as “Dr. Cate” in “Therefore, I Am” and as “John Selfie” in “By Any Means”.  In Intriguism Moving Pictures’ independent film, “Circus of Death”, Mr. Ciceron portrayed a creepy hobo who gets murdered, while, his role in “The Ghost of Room 13”, Mr. Ciceron is the doubtful “Detective Horowitz” who looks for clues of a missing woman. Some other film credits include “Creed”, “The Assumption”, “Blur”, “Pass The Salt”, Rose England,  and “C Street”. 

Watching Steven Ciceron: Actor Of Substance


"As an actor of distinction, Steven Cicreon is the dedicated professional journeyman, the kind of hard-working studio character actor of yesteryear,  whose name rarely appeared above the title but who made everyone around him and the movie they appeared in better by his presence.  Whether on television, stage or the “Big Screen”, Steven is in for the long-haul career, building one impressive role at a time -- standing out by “being one” with the story-telling, the personification of “entertainment value”, a relatable craftsman and technician.  Mr. Ciceron is a rarefied example of respectable discipline and insight: dedicated, prepared, patient, enthusiastic, open, fully invested, reliable, co-operative.  With grace and humor in front of the cameras as well as behind-the-scenes, while rising above easily-forgotten low-brow material on the resume that even the greatest of the Greats must endure, his is a name that should and will be remembered -- by thankful co-workers, smart casting agents and appreciative audiences alike, today and in the future.  Steven Ciceron is an actor to watch." -- Brother Andy, Writer/ Executive Producer/ Director of Intriguism Moving Pictures


Please see Steven Ciceron's IMDB page for a full list of credits at the link below. ​

2010 - present
2010 - present
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